Sex in College: Identifying What You Want

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By: Narayguy (founder)

In college, lots of people’s sex lives explode.

Vast increases in freedom and social venues allow for meeting more attractive people, more excitement, and usually a few more opportunities to, well, get the job done.

So its crucial to identify where you stand in the ball game. Do you want relationship, casual fun, or to juggle multiple hook-ups? Something else maybe? You’ll likely find the right matches for all of these if you put yourself out there enough.

But, when your wants differ from those of someone you’re mingling with, things can get messy. Two people never agree on everything, its just impossible. Disagreements lead to unnecessary stress in college, but if you’re clear with your new buddy from the start on what you want, its hard for them to argue later on.

In my experience, I used to be someone who thought they could please everyone. You can imagine how disastrous of an outlook this was to enter a college social scene with. Especially at a school known for its Greek life. I found myself always stressed over other people’s lives, trying to juggle relationships. I, like a lot of freshmen dudes, wanted to be a player. This however, often leads to you looking like an idiot. After getting ditched and screwed over a few times, I wizened up, and learned to prioritize and say “No” much more frequently. Leads to more respect, less stress, and much more successful relationships. 

Don’t let someone else’s needs or wants trump yours, or lie to yourself. The selfish lover is out there everywhere, and usually comes out on top. And college, first and foremost, should be a time of getting what you want.

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5 thoughts on “Sex in College: Identifying What You Want

  1. Dis one time a gurl ruined it n i accidentally college (the whole thing) but it turned ok so just liv it up like…. Well u kno lol

  2. Oh, always lots of it, just make sure it's with the right people! I've always believed in the truth of what's being said in this article. I hate hearing girls say "whatever he wants, I'm down." No! Know what *you* want. Otherwise how will you ever be happy?

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