How To Avoid Being Sexiled By Your Roommate

By: narayguy

Here are some tips on performing and not performing the deed that can lead to a great night for you and a long night for them, or vice versa.

Give your roommate some heads up. This is basic. If you’re going to a party and know you want to bring your special someone home, use a little foresight. Its both awkward and careless if you just lock the door and don’t say why.

Share the condom stash. There’s nothing worse than finally bringing home that girl from delta gamma only to realize you broke the last condom flinging them at your friend in Econ101. Your roommate probably has em, but are they going to share their stash when you keep locking them out at 2AM?

Don’t lock the door. Yeah, you want to, of course, but its not the worst thing when your roommate barges in. Unless they have the whole after-party with them, it’ll just be funny in the morning and get rid of hurt feelings.

Trade off nights. You can wait, come on. Or go to your lover’s room.

If you find yourself sexiled again and again without explanation, go out more, get a girl or a guy, and get revenge on your roommate. If they’ve been really disrespectful, use their bed 😉

Most importantly, don’t take this whole business too seriously. If you’re a freshmen in college, its going to happen, period. Just make sure you’re coming out on top (no pun intended) every once in a while.

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