WordPress: Website vs Blog

So you want to start a website of your own. You want a place to put your writing, photos, and things you’d like to sell.

Or, you want to start a blog. You want a place to put your writing, photos, and things you’d like to sell.

Wait, I see a similarity here. It’s that when you start up with WordPress, creating a blog and a website are the same task! It just depends how you design and market your end result.

Why Are They The Same?

Definition of website: a website is a set of webpages that usually includes a homepage

Defintion of blog: a blog is a website on which an individual or group of individuals records their opinions on a regular basis

So the two are very similar, in fact, the same! It just depends what sort of things you decide to put up once your website or blog is on the internet, and what the general tone is.

Where to Begin Building

You’ll have the most options if you build with WordPress. WordPress offers unlimited design features that will make your blog look like anything from New York Times to Facebook. It is free software which is installed on your own hosting.

Step 1: Get Domain and Hosting

Step 2: Install WordPress

Step 3: Begin Blogging

The simplest possible setup is though HostGator, where you can get domain and hosting cheaply with little tech knowledge. I recommend them, largely in part because they offer a WordPress install tool that does all the technical work for you. Providers like GoDaddy and Bluehost are also a option but more confusing. I prefer a straightforward solution.

Video Tutorial

Watch my video below for a full walk through and you’ll have your blog on the web in a matter of minutes. Make sure to set to high resolution and replay as needed to get all the info, it’s not very complicated though.  Click here to get started and get ready for a legit blog of your own. Seriously, it’s way too much fun once you get going with your blog.


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