Careers You Can Begin Before Graduating

This is a guest post by content developer D. Smith.

There are several different careers you can begin before graduating college. It is  important, to first sit down and write out a list of things that you  enjoy and then go on from there. Also, finding a career that you be able  to do while still attending college will be very important. There are  many careers that will allow you to stay flexible in your schedule while  you are completing your college degree. Starting your career early is a  smart way to get your feet in the door and gain some experience to put  on your resume.

Sales Representative

If you are attending college to get your bachelors in business, then a  good career that you can take on that can be flexible is a sales  representative position.  There are thousands of companies that need  sales representatives to sell their products. While many companies want  you to have you college degree already completed, many will give a  college student with a good academic record a chance to come on board  early. Sales representative also can be paid very well.

Manager Trainee

There are many companies that will hire manager trainees before you  graduate. This is a great way to get your foot in the door and let you  start to get to know the company you want to work for. Some companies  prefer this being an internship, while others will hire you on for a  wage or salary and then bump you up to a manager position once you have  graduated.

Start an Online business

The Internet is booming and only is expected to get bigger. Starting an online business is a great career choice for a college student before they graduate. There are many different online businesses a person can start. The best business to start is something that you are most  comfortable with or you already have a passion for. For an example, if you like cars, then you could start a car parts business. There will be  some sort of start up cost, so you may need to find financing. A few options are family, friends, savings, bank loans or payday loans.

Writer / Author

Becoming a writer is a great career path that you can begin before  graduating. Writers for the Internet are in big demand since the  Internet is growing so fast. There is many different websites you can  writer for or you can start your own blog and write for your self.  To  become a web content writer, it will be important to understand the  basics of SEO techniques.

Dental Assistant

If you are attending college to become a dental hygienist, then you can  start off while in college as a dental assistant. You would be the  person that assists the dental hygienist and the dentist. Dental  hygienist doesn’t require a four-year degree, but they do require a  2-year degree. Become a dental assistant can be a part time job in the  right clinic. Some clinics are open later hours in the evening and on  the weekends. This can be the best time to work while going to college  during the weekdays

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