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Our newest internship program is underway and if you’d like to apply early, please email us! The program would ask you to help us brainstorm new ideas for WordPress tutorials based on what you and your peers search for, primarily in the YouTube tutorial market. We ask that you research our own tutorials and those of other creators and use your industry insight to help us make a blog and create better blog tutorials for the masses. With this position you can make blog insight more available to beginners and even build blog guides for us. An example of our most recent WordPress tutorial is:

Ideally candidates will know how to make a blog on their own and will have had 1-2 years experience running a blog so you know how to setup and start a blog already. Compensation will be the below and will also include either an hourly or per assignment payment. You will also learn how to make blog money and how to blog in general if you are a beginner. If you’d like to apply, please email with your current resume and links to any blogs or websites you manage!

Summer 2012 Interns:
Robbie Williford – Oakland
Aspen Evans – SCAD
Megan Simpson – Chapman

Winter-Spring 2011-2012 Interns:
Evan Katz – Rhodes
Peter Bransfield – Princeton
Ian Kar – Franklin and Marshall
Carson Suggs – U Arizona
Audrey Knox – Chapman/Dodge College
Scarlett Valentin – SUNY New Paltz
Amol Mody – Northwestern
Chloe Whitestone – U Delaware
A.M. Murphy – U Delaware

Honest College is growing and we’d like you to join in…

Our internship program offers editorial experience in blogging and journalism, and adds an online component to the resume of any young writer.

For our summer program, we are offering approx. 8 spots. See below for what we need from you when you apply.

No need to brag about accolades (though we’d be happy to divulge, just ask) so lets get down to the details:

As an intern, you’ll get:
1) An amazing writing experience. Exposure to hundreds of thousands of college students who’ll Like and Tweet your posts. A platform that is already growing quickly on campuses around the U.S.

2) An excellent start to your writing portfolio, and structured critiques of what we think works best for the audience here and what you need to work on. In short, your writing will improve.

3) This position is unpaid currently, but might change due to potential advertising endeavors we are pursuing.

4) College credit is available.

As an intern this Summer you’d be expected to:
1) Write one original post for Honest College every two weeks. Every other Sunday you’ll send us 2-3 potential ideas for posts, we’ll respond soon after on which one works best, and then your post will be due by the coming Sunday. (If Sunday is a bad day, let us know and we can start the two week schedule on a different day)

Articles should be 250-700 words and must, of course, be original content.

2) Do some research on your topics. Find out what other notable sources (NYTimes, Newsweek, Time Magazine, more) are saying about the issues you’re covering. Then, link to them in your articles to provide our readers with follow-up reads.

3) Make good use of social media. Start up a Twitter if you don’t have one, and share each new post through Facebook and Twitter. This is one of the most effective ways of getting your writing to an audience! We can discuss guidelines for content distribution.

4) Deadlines: The application period closes Friday, June 15th 2012. The duration of the program will be 2-3months. Expect it to run roughly until August 28th, when folks return to school. At that point, applications will reopen for new applicants. 

To let us know you’re interested in joining the Honest College crew:
1) We’ll need two things from you: a current resume, and either a writing sample or 3 potential topics that you think would convert well into articles for Honest College. Put this in an email and send to
2) Join our Facebook community by Liking us.!
3) Shoot us a message or Tweet, @honestcollege. We’re always tweeting, and are happy to answer questions on Twitter.

That’s it! Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing from you.

Narayguy and the Honest College Team


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