5 Reasons To Be Excited for the Summer

April 1st, 2012

Hey, if we’re going to destroy the world with global warming, we might as well make the best of it, right?

I don’t know about you, but in Delaware the weather has been flopping all over the place, and we have started to imagine the beautiful sauna that is summer–even before spring sprang on us!

So in anticipation of the delightful season that awaits us, I have compiled a list of Reasons To Be Excited For Summer, as if the fact that it was summer wasn’t enough already! Here they are:

1. The Clothes…

  • Not wearing any!
  • wearing jeans because we want to and not because we’re supposed to
  • one of my favorite summer outfits is cuffed baggy jeans, a tight tank top, thick white or black socks, and slip-on sneakers
  • not having to put on pants/tights
  • because that is literally the worst part of every single day, am I right?
  • high ponytails and beachy curls
  • see-through white dresses and sundresses and espadrilles and sandy tank tops
  • bare callused feet
  • and turning old jeans into new shorts.

2. The Weather…

  • Soaking up the rays
  • in Hindu philosophy this is called prana and some monks are known to live off of it in the stead of food
  • going to the beach
  • having the windows down without being a) a freak b) cold
  • everyone sweating so if you do it yourself it’s not a big deal
  • breezes that feel like heaven
  • long humid nights and early crisp mornings
  • the smell of happiness and salt in the air
  • feeling the sun burn on black clothes or metal or inside cars
  • just lying in bed under the fan, thinking, “How is this heat even possible?”
  • hot thunderstorms
  • and flowers.

3. Being Lazy…

  • Marathoning whole television series in one go
  • I plan to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who with fellow intern Alexandria Murphy
  • sleeping all day and staying up all night
  • not having to go to classes or study
  • stretching warm aching muscles after long days in the sun
  • reading books in the sun
  • and stargazing.

4. The Food…

  • Sticky fruits
  • watermelons and berries and pineapples, oh my!
  • festivals/carnivals/parades/sports
  • my state has a Peach Festival!!!!
  • funnel cake–do I need to say more?
  • being so thirsty you could drink a camel
  • water ice, ice cream, popsicles, froyo
  • grilling
  • and bonfires/s’mores.

5. Embracing Youth…

  • Driving
  • songs about summer being relevant
  • being unable to get angry at someone who throws liquid on you because it is so refreshing
  • water gun fights
  • movie theaters
  • the perfect getaway and hang out!
  • walking or biking to get places instead of driving or not going at all
  • traveling, even if it’s only a day trip to the beach or a big city
  • trampolines
  • amusement/water parks
  • and pool parties in the middle of the night.

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One thought on “5 Reasons To Be Excited for the Summer

  1. Summer time is the best time to let loose but some people get too loose. The easy summer food is great too. So I think everyone should be safe and not let too much skin show.

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