Three Tips for Parenting a Future College Student

As your child is progressing through their final year of high school, it is important to start preparing them for the next chapter of their life – college. College preparation can be a rather overwhelming task for many high school students, so it is important that they are given the help they need in order to push through these next few months. Whether you are confused or just unsure of what you child needs to do, it is your duty as a parent to help. This help may translate into speaking with education professionals and crafting a detailed college path for your future college student, or simply helping keep up your child’s motivation.


I wanted to share a few tips on how to help ease your child’s transition from high school graduate to a first-year college student.


Alleviate the Stress of College Preparation

Let’s face it. One of the biggest stressors in today’s college world is college itself. Choosing a career path, finding scholarships and grants, and understanding the ins and outs of financial aid can cause a great deal of stress on a young adult. It is important to be there for your child in this process. Thankfully, there are many opportunities to reduce the stress of pre-college preparation. Ensure that your child knows that they can come to you for help when necessary, and that you will do your best to help them find the answers they need.


Give Your Student the Advice They Need

Alongside stress management, it is important to be able to provide useful advice regarding their upcoming life in college. Speak to your child often to find what they may be concerned about. Are they not sure how to pay for college? Help them by walking them through how to apply for financial aid. Do they need help balancing school, work, and life? Perhaps show them how to put together a schedule that will allow them to succeed in college, without becoming completely overwhelmed with responsibility. Find out what is troubling your future college student, and help them overcome these issues. Doing so will ultimately help provide a clear path towards college graduation.


Give Your Student Their Space

This is perhaps the most important part of parenting, when it comes to college preparation. As your student goes from high school graduate to college freshman, encourage them to learn every step of the way on their own – providing assistance only when asked or necessary. This will provide a sense of adulthood and responsibility, two much-needed traits for a successful college student. Of course, check in occasionally to ensure they are on the right track, but do not complete every step of the process for them. As adults, your children must learn to adapt and accept their new responsibilities.

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