Honest College Top 10s: Most Failed College Courses

Heads up on some of the most brutal courses you’ll face in college.

We’ve asked around and done some extensive research, and have generated the newest addition to our top-10s. If you’ve gotten through them, congrats, if not, then find a friendly and hopefully helpful genius in your major to study with.

These courses will pound you, chip away at you, and smack you in the face come test time. If you’re not going to the review sessions, then you should probably consider it.

Why do schools include tough courses like the following 10? Because it’s core knowledge you need, and a sort of small rite of passage you must pass through to achieve upperclassmen status. Unless of course you put them off.

Here goes: starting with Orgo….

  • Organic Chemistry: called orgo, a threshold for getting most chemistry degrees
  • Multivariable Differential Equations: many engineering degrees include this problem-solving intensive course
  • Econometrics: abstract principles and regression analysis make this economics course tough for even the smartest budding young economists
  • Managerial Accounting: teaches you how to manage? hardly, lots of unbalanced balance sheets
  • Calculus II: for those who love calculus, all 0.01% of us
  • Computer Science Programming: once you get through this, the CS engineering major gets a bit easier
  • Business Law: lots of reading, even more essay writing. NOT for all of us
  • Introductory Linguistics: seems interesting right? until it gets WAY too technical and irrelevant to your everyday vernacular
  • Game Theory: sort of a strange language that economists speak, helpful for business strategy
  • Social Psychology: like linguistics, it looks great until you sit down for your first exam


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14 thoughts on “Honest College Top 10s: Most Failed College Courses

  1. totally agree with orgo first and also econometrics is tough. some of my friends got Cs in that. Social Psychology is easy if you just go to class.

  2. I'd say just balancing my time. Mainly friends, class, and work. No one really teaches this. But honest college has some useful information on it 😉

    UPenn, Business

  3. Yes, Social Psychology is failed a lot because many students believe mastering the subject well, but it's a different story when it's time for the final exam. Just knowing the theories is not enough!!!

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