Honest College Top-10s: Things Guys Do That Really Annoy Girls

Article by JP

One of our dedicated readers writes in on the top 10 things guys do, perhaps unknowingly, that drive girls nuts. After reading through, I realize that I do most of these things on a daily basis…

1. Ignoring/Avoiding. No girl wants to be ignored — It sucks when you are into someone and they don’t respond. Or even if you’re dating, if a guy ignores me when I’m trying to make plans with him I get frustrated. Send a quick text — it doesn’t take long.

2. Being Late. Girls really are the only ones who think they can be late. If guys are the ones making them late, that’s just a huge turnoff.

3. Non-Stop-Talking. Give me some time to absorb what you’re saying. I like talking but sometimes a girl just needs a little bit of silence to take it all in.

4. Not Dressing Well. This is kind of shallow but so true. No girl wants to be seen with someone grungy. It also looks like the guy has made no effort and kind of reflects poorly on them. That being said dressing obnoxiously (like a walking billboard) is also not classy.

5. Interrupting. I don’t like it, no one does.

6. Acting Super Bro. Such a turn off. Yes you can be cool with your guy friends and in fact, I’m happy you have them. But I’m with you to hang out with you — not your whole fraternity/entourage.

7. Change your plans abruptly. Say you have a date planned–you’re meeting at the park for dinner and a walk. Don’t change your mind and say you’d rather eat inside or do a movie or even tell them another night. It’s just not fair.

8. Not listening to a word I’m saying. Replying with a head nod or looking the complete different direction. Not flattering at all.

9. Being oblivious to whats going on in the world. Whether it be Pop Culture, Political News, Scandals etc etc. These are key talking points and just makes you look more intelligent. If you don’t know whats going on in the world, its just really not cool.

10. Being too wasted. Pretty self explanatory. Everyone likes happy drunks no one likes sloppy ones…

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6 thoughts on “Honest College Top-10s: Things Guys Do That Really Annoy Girls

  1. #3 is so foreign for me. Whenever I'm with a guy I can barely get him talking at all. And its normally only a few sentences at best. I hate talking all the time and it would be really great if some guys could pitch in once in a while.

  2. This is 100% true and guys most definitely need to pay attention. A girl just wants someone who will listen and communicate effectively and be loving, caring and understanding.

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