Top 4 Things to Keep In Mind Before Showing Up to College

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By: Michael BYC

1. Reinvent Yourself

College is the true escape from the limits of high school. 

By this time your awkward stage is coming to a close. Furthermore you will most likely be attending school away from home and the memories of your high school peers. You are offered a great opportunity and you must seize it. Carpe Diem. Carpe Noctum.

You must look inwards and determine the person you want to me. Do you wish to be fashionable? Do you wish to be better with the ladies? Do you wish to replace your characterization from brawn to brain?
College offers you the chance to become the person you wish you could have been in high school. Use the summer before college wisely. Cultivate the person you wish to become. However remember to keep it within realistic measures. While not impossible, it is quite difficult to become the next Rodney Mullen in one summer.

2. Avoid Type-Casting

We as humans enjoy using labels in order to better understand our world. Pigeon-holing. The same happens in college. Stoners. Sororistutes. Granola-eaters. These are not merely titles created by writers in Hollywood. University students use the same ones to describe those lounging on quads.

Do not allow yourself to become type-casted. Individuality. One must recognize how easy it is to become associated with one scene. Becoming type-casted not only affects your social interactions on campus, but will inadvertently change your own perceptions of self.

3. Approach

Crossroads can
be confusing

College brings together many people of varying ideas and interests. Furthermore it provides insulation from the real world. This is your time to begin your discovery of what lies in the land of taxes and financial freedom. The best way to do accomplish this is to approach and start conversations with those you find interesting.

Remember that people are mostly likely as shy as you are. They, like you, wish that the person they found interesting in class would come up to them and start a conversation. There is nothing easier than walking up to someone and asking:

“Hey you’re in my 9:30 class on Mondays right?”

“I was walking by and noticed the title of that book. Is it as interesting as the cover?”

It takes a lot of courage in the beginning but once you become used to it you will discover new doors opening as well as meeting people that may have never entered your life had you not taken the first step.

4. The Unsuspecting Three Months

The first three months offer Freshman a skewed view of college life. It is the time when everyone is nice to everyone and everyone wants to go out and hang out together. People wait for each other to go to dinner and feel as if their floor is the closest community on campus. Social Utopia. Then comes Thanksgiving break and everything changes. All of a sudden the cohesion of your floor and friends begins to wane. Those with similar views, interests, and attraction levels break off to create their own cliques. People you were friends with three months earlier pretend as if they do not know you on the quad. It’s a tragic truth of college life. Enjoy the majority short-lived friendships during those three months. Hopefully if you play it right via approaching and not allowing yourself to become type-casted you’ll be able to maintain those friendships to some level.

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