The Top 13 Best Vendors of IT Exams

Competition in the IT industry is so immense that its almost impossible to settle onto one certification or one product for your future.

Seeing the opportunities, even companies come forward and advertise openly and most of the well-known companies are top ranked today due to their efforts and methods of providing technical help as well as global certifications. The IT industry is everywhere but the job openings seem to fill up fast, courtesy the tremendous, competition. When you go in companies, and give interviews, nobody is going to see your family background or listen to excuses that I was ill and couldn’t score considerably. They are not going to focus much on college grades. Those features are common in students. What they really will want is to know what makes you different and this is where the global certifications come in. Agreed that the list below is only of the top 15, and you might say that more companies should have been added, but these companies have always guaranteed a 95% success rate and provide the best in the class material. To be really honest, this list has been made from scratch through opinions of students and aspirants such as yourself, who have been through these vendors and their products enormous number of times.

IT offers the highest paid jobs in the world, and we don’t want you to miss up on them, hence here goes the list of companies and vendors that have proven themselves to be of the top and earned their slot up here through their intense training and courses.And yes, all the best for your examinations.

Good Luck, Alan

Presenting the top 13 best vendors of IT exams:


Hewlett has never disappointed its users, for it is the leading brand that provides professional certificates such as the HP ASE, HP ATP, that are currently highly valued in the IT world.


The council that provides certifications and makes the aspirants think from the mind of a hacker himself in order to think better and counter-act to the situations, provides global certifications as well

3. Braindumps

Braindumps has excellent products such as the QnA and the study guides which help prepare for all sort of exams, the best part being that with braindumps, you don’t focus solely on just one exam or just one certification. You get tremendous amount of study material through which you are prepared for most of the certification exams such as the 220-802, 640-461 and very concise yet informative ccna voice dumps.


Citrix works with excellent cloud services and provides it’s courses, while on the run. The certifications and technical training provided is at par as with the level of multinational institutes such as cisco.

5. has some seriously good response time to all the queries, provides solutions to most papers that are required to get global certifications.


Cisco, the king of networking, provides, hands on training to its students around the world and provides best of the best certifications, such as the CCNA.

7. Pass4sure, has time and time again, proven its worth by striking in the top 13 – top 15 vendors of IT, majorly, because of the guarantee it gives, and it is fulfilled as well. See, the aspirants not only develop high levels of self-confidence, also, they have immense amount of respect for the certifications they receive on studying and clearing examinations. Pass4sure, prepares the student for every certification one could desire.


The hype of the virtualizations software VMware is no less than, the hype of the certifications it provides. Courses in booting different OS such as backtrack, boot loading, all types of technical training is provided here.


Pegasystems ensure that the aspirants get the global certification they deserve, also encourage the candidate by training them technically and are famous for providing connectivity worldwide for business solutions and more


The only language which relates to the real world so close, that it begins from school life itself. CPPinstitute makes one a profession C++ expert hence securing easy positions in all leading companies.


Zend has been famous for its Zend PHP certification and the technical support it provides ensuring that each candidate gets the certification, with hands on training as well as theory. Zend has guaranteed high success rates and the fact that it has disappointed any of its candidates has never been heard.


EMC releases material for acquiring global certifications, worldwide and also encourages the students to take part openly. It emphasizes all the students to practice rather than just sticking to the theory part. It is a very important exam, in case someone wishes to be a network engineer.

13. gives the study content for Riverbed Certified Expert certifications for free, as a result of which most users prefer it over others.


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