The 10th HC Weekly Updates

By: Narayguy (founder)
Autumn leaves in Boston Common

Well, all I can look forward to on Tuesday is more Words With Friends. Oh yeah, and posting these babies. Shining light and love on all the web world from our recent findings. I really need something to cheer myself up, I just read an article on U.S. stock trading that made my stomach twist.

In any case, here’s the finest of what we found this past week:
Not exactly sure where to start studying for your test? Didn’t go to class 1, 2, 5 times? Well, there’s an easy solution to your problem at This group of tech-savvy nerds will solve your dilemma by studying for you and teaching you crucial test information. The nerds over there created a reverse auction platform, allowing them to bid on your request for help then tailor a study guide specifically to your needs and skill set. Procrastinators rejoice. 
New a new casual read? Meredith Nudo from Online Education Database launches the first round of Crowdsourcing the Canon —
College Party Guru (.com ) provides a one-stop source for party tips and advice on navigating college social scenes —
Discouraged with blogging? Read this post on Blog Engage right now —
A frat-dude comedian hits up Comic Con in New York to interview the crazies. Things get weird —
That’s all until next time. Good luck with exams, interviews, presentations, and the like. Need another good read? Check out a throwback post.


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