Back to School: 3 Must Have Items for Your Dorm Room

There would probably be an element of disagreement between parents and their children about what items are essential to take with them to university.

Whilst an ID card, an IPod and a laptop would be considered essential by most students for developing their work and social skills away from home, a more practical view centered on learning will be taken by the people that are probably help to finance this university adventure.

Here are the 3 must have items that should be considered essential for a successful learning experience.


One item of equipment that students and parents will both universally agree is essential is a good laptop. A laptop is almost standard requirement for university life and it would be very hard to exist on any number of levels without one.

You ideally need to invest in a decent spec laptop with a good sized hard drive and supporting software pre-loaded, so that word documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations can be used for the course work.

Not only is the laptop essential for handling and storing the course work that students have to get through it also doubles up as a social networking tool with internet access enabling students to use the various social media sites to organise their social diary and maybe even chat online about their studies as well!


A printer should really be considered an essential item to have along with the laptop, as having access to your own printer rather than sharing a university based facility is always much more preferable and makes handing in course work on time a lot less stressful.

There are plenty of good quality wireless printers around these days which are not very expensive to buy, and wireless makes more sense than one with a USB cable because student rooms can be quite cramped and being able to put the printer where you want rather than attached to the laptop, will be a lot less hassle.

Office chair

It may not be the most obvious essential item but a good quality office chair will very soon become a welcome piece of furniture in the room. Some university accommodation might come with a furnished room that includes a desk and chair but it is unlikely that the chair is going to be that comfortable and spending a long time studying and typing can soon put a strain on the back and neck in an uncomfortable chair, even for a young person.

Investing in a good chair will help students to stay more focused and alert while they are doing their work and perhaps even make those long hours typing up a 5,000 word dissertation that little bit more bearable.

There are plenty of other items that might have made the shortlist such as a student cookbook which would all make the introduction to student life that bit more enjoyable but there is no doubt that the three essential items listed will help to make the transition to university life as straightforward as possible.

Mark White is a residential assistant. He loves to share tips for students on family blogs. Click Phoenix Direct to learn more.

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