How To Keep a Girl Interested In You

This is a good signal, albeit one guys ignore.

22 July 2011
by JP

Every girl tries on a couple of guys before she picks the right one.

It usually takes us a couple of times to find one that really fits. And then usually that doesn’t work out and we’re left single and starting all over again.

I think most girls will give a guy a shot on a first impression but if you screw it up your chances with that girl will get slimmer and slimmer. So I’m offering a bit of advice to those guys trying to make a connection with a girl and also giving you some clues to show that she’s really just not into you.

1. Don’t do the cheesy compliments. Be a bit more creative with how you compliment a girl and she’ll probably stick around. As shallow as that is first impressions are based highly upon chemistry and if a girl’s hearing the same old shit she’s going to roll her eyes and turn around and talk to the next guy in line. 

      How you tell she’s not into you: rolling of the eyes, giggling, not returning the compliment, not being thankful, or just nodding (thats always a bad sign).

2. Try to keep the conversation about her at the beginning. Girls like attention (who doesn’t?) but really, if you keep the ball rolling and a girl is talking about herself most of the time she’ll gain confidence. She’ll think you are expressing interest in her personality (not just her pants) this may or may not be true but anyway a girl will enjoy the conversation directed at her. And usually asking questions allows for a much longer answer which means the conversation might not have awkward pauses. 

    How you tell she’s probably not into you: short responses, looking around for an escape route, asking you to repeat the question (multiple times), not making eye contact.

Don’t let the convo die for too long.

3. If you’re feeling confident ask her to dance. Try to make some chemical bond. It could be dancing, being partners in a game, or just plain reaching out and touching her hand. Just get something going to spark a chemical reaction.

How you tell she’s probably not into you: making up a lame excuse, pulling away, looking around, dancing with other dudes (I’d just give up now)

4. Buy/getting her a drink. Pretty self explanatory this helps loosen everybody up. Don’t force shots down her throat. Giving her something to sip on is probably best.

How you tell she’s not into you: makes up a lame excuse about not drinking.

5. Make a move. Depending on whether you are at a bar or a party. I would try to bring a girl back to your place. Try to make it casual and say that people are coming back (get a bigger group) so there’s not a lot of pressure on the girl. Then you can talk all you want and make a move on your own time.

How you can tell she’s probably not into you: she makes up a lame excuse not to come back, says something about what she has to do in the morning, claims she has to find her friend and never comes back (again, duh), says she wants your number (she’s probably not gonna call you).

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