The Tip That Might Save Your Long Distance Relationship

By: narayguy

Fill the blank with the future, not
the past

Why do long distance relationships so often fail? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but a major one is that one person remains stuck in the past.

 Being at separate colleges, in different states or maybe even different countries, inevitably means gaining new and different experiences. These will change you and your lover in ways you might not initially like.

As they mature, they may come to expect more from you. If you’re someone who loves reminiscing, be careful you’re not dwelling too much on the past.  You want your lover to love the person you ARE and the relationship you HAVE, not what you guys were. This means you’ve got to stay up to date on your significant other’s life, visit them as much as possible, and fill them in on what you’re up to as well.

Honestly, if you don’t enjoy visiting your lover or significant other, and don’t enjoy taking part in their life, you should consider a split. There’s not reason to be held back by something not totally amazing, especially when you’re young. On the other hand, making a commitment to be a big and positive part of another person’s life can be quite rewarding for both parties, and can bring fun and new experiences you would miss out on alone. It’s the changing, evolving part of a relationship that should bring people closer, and if life changes and you two move apart, hey, at least you gave it your best shot. 

A good way to start on the right track is to do the little things right, like sending your lover goodies or writing romantic emails. With the plethora of options for communicating nowadays, its easy to stay in touch at little cost and there’s no excuse not to.

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4 thoughts on “The Tip That Might Save Your Long Distance Relationship

  1. How are you supposed to stay up on your lover lifes from a small town (part of florence) with no internet where you have to buy phone cards from the yr1998?

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