Infographic: The Do’s and Don’ts of Women’s Business Attire

It is always a challenge for women to get the right balance when they are choosing what to wear for their business persona. The quote from Bianca Fraser that is used in this guide on the do’s and don’ts of business attire, sums it up perfectly, “dress how you want to be addressed”.

Whatever your point of view happens to be, It is hard not to argue with the observation that men have a more straightforward task when it comes to business attire and the choice can often come down to which color suit to wear.

Breaking down the rules and guidelines for business attire when it comes to women can be made a whole lot easier by listing a series of do’s and don’ts and then working within those boundaries to find what works for you. It seems an obvious tip to suggest that you should always wear clothes that fit but it seems that this is considered to be one of the most commonly violated rules of business attire when it comes to women, and cleavage is never a good idea in a business environment.

It is definitely considered to be a good idea to dress for the position that you want, so dress like an executive if that is where your ambitions extend to, and whilst first impressions count for a lot, it is also considered a sensible ploy to dress like you care at all times, so rather than let sartorial standards slip after a few months, aim to keep up appearances to make the right impression.

There are plenty of don’ts that are worth noting, such as avoiding too many accessories and leggings or strong perfume are aspects of your overall dress and presentation that may send out the wrong message in business-orientated environment.

There is even some useful advice on how to dress for the office party, which is often a dilemma that often causes more than few anxious moments.
Do's and Dont's of womens business attire

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