What A Wonderful Little Honest Surprise

A nice 100cal tea in the morning? Don’t mind if I do.

By: Narayguy (founder)

Regardless of the falling temps out on the East Coast, this little delivery that fell on the Honest College doorstep last week warmed our hearts. 

Our newly made friends at Honest Tea were kind enough to send us some samples, and we’re overjoyed. We’re planning on doing some reviews of Honest Tea in the next few weeks along with a giveaway contest for you all, so of course these little gems are going to help. What we’ll probably ask from you is just to tell us why you prefer Honest Tea over other more mainstream drinks you see around.

Honest Tea + Honest College, is there more perfect match made in heaven? And seriously, we’re sick of Vitamin Water as a substitute to carbonated soda. Plus Honest Tea has caffeine, not a ton, but just the right amounts. So stay tuned for a fun-filled giveaway, and in the meanwhile, go out and try some for yourself.

Maybe you’re local grocery store has a deal on them right now….!

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