How To Eliminate Your Writer’s Block

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By: Narayguy

Long papers are inevitable as you make your way through highschool and college.

If you’re major is in the sciences — engineering, math, or a similar field — you won’t have to write as many as the rest of us, but you’ll still have your electives.

When you find yourself in front of the computer screen, at the library at 11pm, or back at your dorm on Thursday night while you’re roommate is out, the last thing you want to have fall upon you is writer’s block.

Where does this strange animal of indecision come from? Why does it always strike in the crunch time? In this post, I’m going to dissect the causes of writer’s block and offer you some strategies to get around it.

Wikipedia has a fairly on-point definition of this condition, highlighting how writer’s block can be temporary or longer term, and can build on itself to the point where an author will abandon the task of writing in utter self-disappointment. When “blocked” you lose the ability to produce new work. You think of an idea, then second guess it, and then mentally delete it. Then perhaps another bright idea comes up, but you press delete again. Pretty soon you don’t know where to begin and can barely spew out one decent sentence.

First off, if you’re looking into any writing services, then visit a writing agency. If you’re on your own, these steps will definitely help. And let’s face it, if you have to produce quality writing, or meet an impending deadline, the pressure doesn’t help rid this trivial condition. Writer’s block becomes something serious. As someone who wrote several large (9-15) page papers in the crunch, I had to develop ways around this. Here’s what I came up with in three straight-forward steps:

1) One strategy I like is to simply step back from your work, and look at things objectively.
Realize that you can write, you have written, and that you inevitably, in the future, will write again. Your hand is not broken, nor is your computer (hopefully). You just have to get things going.

2) How do you get the ball rolling? Mentally remove the roadblocks that sit in front of you and just begin. The root cause of your writer’s block is usually over thinking your work, and being overly critical of yourself. You’ve got great ideas, but don’t know the best way to piece them together. Well, here’s a tip, there is no best way to piece them together. Just a lot of good ways.

3) Furthermore, you do your best work when you’re at ease, not pressured, and can think creatively. Thus you should learn a few techniques to put yourself at ease. Have some tea, watch an episode of The Office, go for a run, have sex if that’s an option, or whatever works for you. Then, hopefully refreshed, get back to your work.

If all this doesn’t work, and you still think your writing isn’t going to come out how you’d like, take the absurd approach. What’s the worst thing you could write? Something vulgar, off-topic, and directly offensive to the professor? Well, write that down. Get it out of your system. You surely won’t over analyze this writing exercise. No, don’t include it in your final draft. Just get it out on the page, then bring yourself back to reality and write something on-topic.

Hopefully this helps you in your writing endeavors. Realize, in the end, that your paper is probably only going to be seen by one professor then graded and discarded. If any of these topics work for you, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “How To Eliminate Your Writer’s Block

  1. These are all real great points. I especially support #1. Its not like you don't know how to write a paper. Stepping back from your computer screen makes a world of a difference. Reread the requirements for the paper and go from there.

    What helps me the most is to just write SOMETHING. It could be the worst sentence ever written. But guess what, its progress! Once you start to write, you'll come back to previous sentences and correct or completely omit your thoughts, facts, etc. From here on out, you'll be in the zone and ready to tackle anything.

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